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Abominator - Subversives For Lucifer

Abominator - Subversives For Lucifer

Label : Osmose | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Sebastiaan : We were already aware of the fact that besides kangaroos and crocodiles, there are also some great metalbands in Australia. When the newest CD of the Australic Abominator traveled around the world to arrive at the Lord of Metal headquarters, it became time for a serious review. This Melbourne band provides us the necessary blasphemy with their second release 'Subversives for Lucifer'. From the first track, 'Renegades at Hells Command', till the last, 'Subversives for Lucifer', we are being attacked by never-ending blastbeats. It becomes clear that Marduk's Panzer Division has got a brother! A quite part is hard to find on this album! Abominator creates, as they say, black/death/war metal; something I can't deny. Subversives.. sounds very aggressive. With 10 tracks, worth for about 50 minutes, this CD is quite long, compared to the average black/death metal CD. Maybe somewhat too long, according to the lack of variation. Too be short, Subversives... will be appreciated by the speedmaniaks among us. The fans of more dynamic music will have to listen it a few times before buying it...

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