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Derdian - New Era (Pt. 1)

Derdian - New Era (Pt. 1)

Label : Steelheart Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Eddy : You want a piece of Stratovarius, Kamelot and Rhapsody and you do not care too much about originality? Then the Italian band Derdian just may be the answer for you. I just received a copy of the first full-length CD of this band. This thing is called 'New Era Pt. 1' and on it you find all the influences of those bands I mentioned above in the 55 minutes Derdian has recorded for you.

The band has been exists from 1998 and since then they have gone through numerous chances of band-members and over the years they recorded two demos. In 2001 they released 'Revenge' and in 2003 'Incitement'. Of course like each band likes to state on their official websites, the demos were received very well by the press. Those disks were the reason for Steelheart/Adrenaline Records to sign this new young band. The result of that relationship is this debut album. It is not a bad album but all the songs sound so familiar, it brings no shocking new things to us power and symphonic fans. Just a regular album by six Italian guys but who are handling their instruments very well. When you are done listening to this album you can ask yourself if all those compositions are enough to stand out in the sea of releases from this genre. I do not think so, when life treated us so well as lately with the killer new albums from Kamelot and Rhapsody, it is hard for a band like to Derdian to sell their similar stuff. For sure, this album is a good first attempt, but let us wait for 'New Era Pt. 2'. Maybe this band will put in some more of themselves on that disk. Highlight on this disk is no song but drummer Salva. He really knows well how to operate his double bass drums, seldom I heard a drummer play like this.

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