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Judas Priest - Angel Of Retribution

Judas Priest - Angel Of Retribution

Label : Sony Music Entertainment | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Tormentor Erich : Every metalhead has known it since last year already: Rob Halford is back with Judas Priest! Priest are a band that influenced and inspired so many people, and they are also one of the reasons why the 'NWOBHM' was so successful. And of course, the years with Tim 'Ripper' Owens were good, but still everybody is very curies about the new album with mister Halford: 'Angel Of Retribution'.

So, what do I think of this comeback album? Well, here I go…..

Opener 'Judas Rising' is bullseye. I even think that Priest recorded this song to use it as the new opening track during the upcoming live shows. The songs starts slowly with rolling guitars that become louder and louder. Then there is the scream by Rob and then there is this great riff and the pounding drums. And as if this is even not enough, they also have put in some great guitar solo's here. 'Deal With The Devil' is in the same style, so nothing wrong here. The third song 'Revolution' is not my style. This one sounds too much produced (silly effects) and in the chorus there is to much nagging. A strange choice for a single I would say, one Marc Bolan dragging on and on about the revolution is enough. 'Worth Fighting For' is more quite and hold back, but it is a nice semi-ballad song that needs a bit of time to grow on you. With 'Demonizer' and 'Wheels Of Fire' it is back to the metal. Great songs as we know them by Priest with a lot of guitars. 'Angel' is the real ballad from the album. This ballad shows all the tricks: first acoustic guitars, then a crying guitar solo and in the end de power chords. The lyrics make the ballad complete, this songs deals about someone who's love of his life has died. On 'Hellrider' it is full speed again with again some great solos and then we have the soundtrack-like filler 'Eulogy'. If it was up to me the CD would have ended here, but it is not up to me, and Priest decided to attach 'Lochness' to the album. 'Lochness' clocks about fourteen minutes. It starts with some nu-metal guitars and then there is this slow riff that keeps going on for too long and on top of that is this really silly and childish chorus. And yes, I know that Priest doesn't write the most intelligent lyrics in the world, but a heavy metal song about Nessie? Come on.

In the end I would like to conclude that Priest present us eight great songs the way we want then. With 'Revolution' and 'Lochness' they made two mistakes, but this is not a big issue. Just a matter of using the remote control. Enjoy.

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