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Hermann Kopp - Nekronology

Hermann Kopp - Nekronology

Label : Red Stream | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Evil Dr. Smith : Hermann Kopp, do you know him? Nope, neither did I. What…? You DO know him? I can hardly believe that. Well, if it's truly so and you're speaking the truth, you must be a great, great fan of sick, obscure horror flicks. Hermann Kopp was the composer for the music of three splatter 'n' gore movies from the German director Jorg Buttgereit. In-between 1987 and 1990 he made three filthy, most likely 'direct on video'-movies for the freaks of 'weird and twisted'. He made 'Nekronology', 'Nekronoloy 2' and 'Der Todesking', and in case you didn't know these movies: the low marks at IMDB are absolutely very promising! Promising is also the collage-like music and sound scapes Mister Kopp had made for these three films.

Scratching violins, sinister moog synthesizers, an occasional male background choir, monotone chords on one electric guitar string, weird and undefinable noises and very sparse industrial-like beats that would fit on a Cold Meat Industry record. Fourteen pieces of inconvenient atmospheres that breath dungeons, fading candles, dripping blood, creepy creatures and the smell of death. It's not really music in the conservative composing-way, nor is it strictly atmospheric and non-descriptive sound scapes. It's somewhere in-between and if you're open for it, it could stimulate your fantasy how gruesome the accompanied images are. It's almost you can see the throats cut in slow motion, the sliced limbs and the hideous activities that will suit the first two movie titles.

German horror soundtrack music from the late eighties: it's a pretty original idea for a (re-?)release by Red Stream, a death metal specialised label from The States. I'll bet they got this idea from their most popular label contractor Killjoy, who is the biggest horror fan at the moment and plays with his own band Necrophagia a perfect blend of death metal and horror soundtracks. Don't expect music in the style of Goblin, Badalamenti (David Lynch), Jerry Goldsmith or John Carpenter, because this music is way less arranged and polished. It's raw… yes, to the bone indeed. This semi-classical, atmospheric music is already fifteen years old, but it's still as scary as 'The Grudge' without Buffy. Both aren't essential, but at least 'Nekronology' is good enough without the images.

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