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Vidsyn - On Frostbitten Path Beneath

Vidsyn - On Frostbitten Path Beneath

Label : Agonia Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : When Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) and Hellhammer (Mayhem, Arcturus…) are willing to participate on a release, then that release gets my full attention. With fairly high expectations I put the mini-CD in my CD player, hoping that I will be pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, this isn't the new black metal sensation from Norway. It's not that it is completely disastrous but it isn't exactly innovative either. The fairly melodic black metal sounds, as is to be expected, very Norwegian but lacks the abrasive atmosphere. Now the sound is simply too sweet for this style. The songs are structured quite simply and can be described as epic, so they consist in the main of mid-tempo played double bass rhythms and on top of that long stretched riffs. Although those are always good, I have heard Hellhammer play more interesting and I have heard Nocturno Culto growl better. I feel a little disappointed because the potential of both great names isn't used to the max. Mastermind Nattsjel should try to make things more aggressive. Until then, I'm not convinced.

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