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Overlorde - Return Of The Snow Giant

Overlorde - Return Of The Snow Giant

Label : Sonic Age Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Horst : Culprit - 'Guilty As Charged'. Megadeth - 'Rust In Peace'. Attacker - 'Battle At Helms Deep'. Helstar - 'Burning Star'. Iron Maiden - 'Killers'. Metal Church - 'Metal Church'. Black Sabbath - 'Heaven And Hell'. Crimson Glory - 'Crimson Glory', Judas Priest - 'British Steel'. A nice little round-up, right? Each and everyone are great albums, and I for one will not be surprised if the guys from Overlorde own the exact same records. Now that is hardly surprising, considering the fact that this band was founded back in 1985. Not that they really made a difference in the metal world though, and four years and one self released EP (entitled 'Overlorde') later they kicked the bucket, for they could not get a proper record deal. Something that should not be surprising either, because Overlorde played traditional US power metal, and that was not exactly a style that did very well in an era that was dominated by thrash metal on one side and hair metal on the other.

But like so many other obscure and almost forgotten bands from the 80's also Overlorde has somehow became 'cult'. Now I do think that too many bands get that status nowadays (it almost seems that you only had to record some stupid demo in the 80s to be 'cult' today), but that is beside the point. Overlorde's EP apparently has become a true 'cult' classic (I wonder why, for I missed it completely back then), and since there is a great demand for the band - especially in Germany and Greece - Overlorde has reunited in the original line-up. The only newbee is ex-Seven Witches singer Bobby Lucas, who replaced Pat O'Donell. In 2002 they recorded the demo 'Power Metal Attack', and after some shopping around they got a deal with the Greek label Sonic Age Records, and as a result their debut full-length - 'Return Of The Snow Giant' - was put out last month.

And I must admit that it surely is not bad at all. Pure and authentic US power metal, that's what it is. Not only musicwise, but also the production gives you that warm 80s feeling. The vocals vary from high up until even higher, with lots of room for some civilized screams (hello Geoff Tate!), the songs are up-tempo most of the time (although slowed down en speeded up from time to time), and cool guitar solo's are all around. Too bad this band lacks every hint of originality. I mean, I have about almost heard everything on this album before, no matter if it is the way the songs are written, the breaks, the way the solo's are played, the intro's, it is all one big deja-vu party. Just look again at the albums summarized on top of this review, and you will get the inspirational point. People who dig old metal and do not care for originality should check this album out, for they will probably love it.

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