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Within Temptation - The Silent Force

Within Temptation - The Silent Force

Label : Trechoma Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ferdi : 'The Silent Force' is an important cd. Not just for Within Temptation, but for the entire gothic scene. It was, after all, Within Temptation's success in the Dutch charts that introduced a mainstream audience to the world of heavy guitars and female vocals. The new generation of metalbands might not be called Epica and After Forever but Imperia and Nemesea, but they are still waiting to be dragged into a new hype. But before the new generation gets to reap any rewards, it is up to father and mother Robert and Sharon to prove that they are truly the parents of the genre. Wise, refined and experienced they are, they have been able to deliver 'The Silent Force' a roaring whirlwind of emotion and atmosphere. A huge budget and two production years have made 'The Silent Force' one of the most outstanding cd's of the year. Strong songs like the heavy opener 'See Who I Am', the melancholic 'Jillian' (loyal fans might've heard this song live under its working title 'Orff'), the spiritual 'Aquarius' and the splendid 'It's The Fear' make this an album that stays with the listener. Not one of them disposable albums that LoM receives by dozens nowadays, but a record that is actually worth to listen to over a couple of years. 'The Silent Force' unfortunately did not become the magnum opus of WT - for that it lacks the variety of 'Enter' or the finesse of 'Mother Earth - but it remains one of the best albums recorded on Dutch soil in the last ten years. Hats off to that.

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