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Inner Surge - Matrika

Inner Surge - Matrika

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under nu metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jordy : When you grow up in Canada it's difficult to imagine you could get a creative mind out of that. Canada is known as a country that hasn't got much more to offer then the average bouncing moose, widely spread and deadly boring landscapes and more snow an average person can handle. Knowing that it might be seen as a miracle that you are even capable of getting any form of inspiration.

Still, Inner Surge, hailing from Calgary, has been album to create the album 'Matrika', which is filled with many different musical styles and forms, which definitely acquires a lot of creative impulses. On this self financed second album the band has achieved in mixing different musical styles into one boiling wholesome. From pure metal and punk to high jazz influences and once in a while some progressive hooks: 'Matrika' has got it. The tensioned atmosphere on the album also makes sure the listener keeps on being interested during all the 12 tracks. And that's a great achievement on its own, because many bands are capable of writing some good songs, but find it difficult to create a record that's catchy from the beginning until the end.

Inner Surge has accomplished in creating an album that's 100 percent interesting and drags you into a strange musical world, in which every musical style is available. As well the metal fans as the punk fans or the Tool-lovers can get something out of 'Matrika'. Even people who like to listen to former Rage Against The Machine-rapper Zack de la Rocha should appreciate this release, for its political content. And what's even more fun.. On the official website of the band you can download this one completely! Go for it!

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