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Blind Myself - Worst Case Scenario

Blind Myself - Worst Case Scenario

Label : Hardebaran | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Niels : Blind Myself hails from Hungary and I must say that I do not often come across Hungarian bands. In their own country they have gained success through performances in clubs and at festivals. With this album the band hopes to gain more success abroad.

The music has its roots in hardcore, but also does sound a bit jumpy. Lots of chaotic breaks, surprising passages and it sounds a bit nervous most of the time. Once in awhile the band uses nice, more relaxed parts, so the music gets to breath a bit more. In a track like 'Bullets' the band also proves it can groove. The melodies are not really my cup of tea, but the intensity makes up for that. The vocals are diverse and are both aggressive as well as spoken. 'March Of The Clowns' has a cool sleazy riff that has a nice acceleration. The band has slightly the same feeling as system Of A Down. 'Labyrinth' sounds a bit like Dillinger Escape Plan.

On the whole Blind Myself is diverse, but also incoherent. The passages are not so fluent. These guys can definitely play well, but they are not really able to keep you focussed all the time. There is a bit too much alternation between different parts and breaks. It kind of like the band does not really know what it wants. But, on the other hand, maybe that's exactly what they want. It remains unclear to me.

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