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Devourment - 1.3.8.

Devourment - 1.3.8.

Label : Displeased Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Re-release

Dennis : Devourment from Dallas Texas released only one album on United Guttural Records in 1999. On the same night their debut album "Molesting The Decapitated” was released, their singer got arrested as a fugitive from justice. The rest of the band split up shortly afterwards, not knowing what to do without a singer. Due to the overwhelming response from fans all over the world, the band reformed with their old singer and recorded one more song called "Babykiller”. Devourment didn't play any shows in this line up though and soon the band died a silent death.

"Molesting The Decapitated” got totally sold out and Displeased Records from The Netherlands recognized the demand and will now make the album available again. The album will be released with demo tracks and a studio track as a bonus, containing the entire recording history of Devourment. The title of the re-release is "1.3.8.”, which stands for the number of tracks per release. Devourment is a fine example of good old brutal death metal and I think these guys belong to the sickest and heaviest death metal bands ever to emerge from the US. The guitars, as well as the ultra-low guttural vocals are extremely heavy. And when I say heavy, I mean HEAVY. The songs are mostly midpaced and groovy, for as far as you can speak of groovy, because the brutal heavy shit almost overshadows the groove. But not quite. If these guys would still play shows they would definitely kick ass. This is the kind of music we want to hear in the pit. This is the ultimate slaughter music. If you don't own the original, then this is your chance to get one of the coolest brutal US death metal CDs in your collection. A must have for extreme death metal fans.

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