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Tacker - Addiction

Tacker - Addiction

Label : Suburban | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Evil Dr. Smith : Like if we don't have enough rock bands in our little country, here's yet another one, freshly moulded from Dutch clay. The guys in this new band already made a career in previous rock bands and the singer is even a pretty well-known actor in Holland, but I won't bother you what they all did in their previous lives: you'll be only (un)pleasantly surprised. What matters now is Tacker. Tacker might be just another "one of the many” new alternative rock bands from Holland, they're "one of the few” who doesn't concentrate solely on the wants and needs from sixteen year old wannabe-tough rock chicks. Tacker rocks!

Of course and obviously, composition- and production-wise they do have a lot in common with our Atlantic neighbours. Openings track 'Parallel Universe' contains some fine Nirvana-ingredients, 'Inflammable' is like a greedy Creed and fans of US alternative rock and post-grunge will find a lot more enjoyable stuff on this album. But still I find some European elements in their sound as well. I had to think some times of the North-Irish punk rockers Therapy? ('Fahrenheit Delight'), but that's maybe because they shared the same stage in the past? It doesn't matter anyway, because Tacker play exceptionally professional (a lame thing, but especially for Dutch standards) and they have interesting and firm played compositions that sound like timeless rock, not in the last place due to the strong, passionate and relived voice of lead vocalist Eric Corton. In-between all those other Dutch rock bands like Kane, Spanner, Crox, F33l3r and countless others, this is one of the best-tasting pieces of Dutch rock these days. Raw and crunchy, but well-oiled and catchy at the same time.

But why serve these tunes in the most awful album cover since the invention of the compact disc!? I hope this album will never be released on (gatefold) vinyl.

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