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Iron Savior - Kill Or Get Killed

Iron Savior - Kill Or Get Killed

Label : AFM Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : One of the bands who have been operating in the German metal premier league is of course Iron Savior. the band around Piet Sielck, vocalist, guitarist, producer and Kai Hansens old school pal, has quite an impressive amount of good albums with their name on them. With Kill Or Get Killed the band has reached eleven on the album counter. After some more experimental albums after the turn of the century (something that did not do all too well) it was the Landing that put the band back on track in 2011, since then the quality of the typical German metal has been at a constant high level. This new album is continuing that trend.

With tight dual guitars the title track opens the album and immediately puts a high standard for the rest of the record. It has a very catchy chorus and finger-licking guitars, which makes it one of the album highlights early on. Roaring Thunder and Eternal Quest raise the cheesiness concentration with elements we know from a band like Gloryhammer. From Dust To Rubble has a huge Saxon vibe to it, and not only due to the first text line that is lifter almost literally from a Saxon classic. Sinner Or Saint is another highlight on the album, you don not often find them more German than this! Also Piet makes one heck of a vocal impression here. Until We Meet Again is the grand song, both in sound as in duration. Gamma Ray meets Avantasia? No matter how you would describe it, it sounds amazing!

Kill Or Get Killed is yet another typical Iron Savior album. With the firm and dynamic vocals of Piet, excellent guitar play, a super right rhythm section and of course a good shot of sci-fi, all elements are present so this is another safe purchase for all fans. Do not know the band yet, but are Gamma Ray, Primal Fear and Rage bands of your liking, than this is your experiment this month!

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