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RPWL - Tales From Outer Space

RPWL - Tales From Outer Space

Label : Gentle Art Of Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : The true prog fan should be very familiar with the name RPWL, yet this band has never really broken through to the big public. I, too, have been guilty of this because I have the album The RPWL Experience in my collection, which I definitely don[/I]t dislike, but I never really listen to it much. Yet the band makes music of high quality, the lowest rating that the band has received at Lords Of Metal is a 79/100, with no fewer than seven studio albums! Maybe I should listen to the band a bit more often because the new album Tales From Outer Space, which is hits the stores at the end of March, is another great piece of music.

This time the men of RPWL did not make a conceptual album even though there is a common thread in the lyrics, as all the songs tell a Science Fiction story. For example, the first song A New World is about how aliens visit our planet for the first time and, after seeing how much pain and evil there is in our world, immediately leave us again in complete shock. Now, I must honestly say that I do not really hear the theme in the music but that is not really a problem. In fact, the music is of excellent quality again and, in my humble opinion, it is at least equally as good as some of the big names in the genre, like Marillion and/or Pink Floyd. The music is easily accessible, there are few complex time signatures and the melody is key. Especially the vocals of Yogi Lang, which really fits the band perfectly, and the guitar parts of Kalle Wallner, with incredibly beautiful solos, make the album to be a beautiful piece of work. Also interesting is that Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd, David Gilmour) is a guest musician on the song Not Our Place To Be, the rest of the bass guitar parts are played by Wallner himself. It is clear that the musicians know how to play their instruments, but the quality of the sound is excellent as well!

It does not happen often that I have no (small) points of criticism, but in this case I really cannot find anything that the band really could have done better. The album is so strong that I would not be surprised if it is their best album to date. Judging by Tales From Outer Space I can only conclude that RPWL deserves to have a bigger audience. If you get excited by hearing the names Marillion and / or Pink Floyd, then I would strongly recommend to get the album as soon as possible!

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