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Prophets Of Yahweh - Oronodromozro

Prophets Of Yahweh - Oronodromozro

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : Oronodromozro. Yeah, just try to pronounce it flawlessly at once. It is the title of an album and caught my eye when I scrolled through Bandcamp. Together with the not entirely usual band name and the striking cover art, the curiosity was awakened in me. I clicked on the page to see at what lies behind this.

Prophets Of Yahweh is a band from India (from southern Kochi to be exact), consists of four members and was founded in 2012. This Oronodromozro is their debut album. The band plays death metal, adds all sorts of influences such as groove, industrial and thrash metal and as a finishing touch there is room for rustic, almost ambient-like passages at times (title track Oronodromozro, Cure). Where with many acts a mixture likes this soon can become a jumble and the whole no longer knows any coherence, that is certainly not the case here. The progressive death continues to dominate and together with the groove and the often-used tempo, it creates driving, threatening tracks like Oronodromozro, Exodus (which has a quiet first minute), The Mighty March and WW3. The addition of somewhat tranquilly, atmospheric passages is an enrichment because it brings the necessary variety. The vocals of Jithin Peter are heavy, deep and shrieking and form an important part of the threatening, dark sound on the album. The entire album consists of eight tracks, takes thirty-nine minutes and can be found on the Bandcamp page of the band. A digital purchase there also ensures that a CD comes your way.

The metal scene in India might still relatively unknown, although there are more and more acts (Bhayanak Maut, Demonic Ressurection, Gutslit, Inner Sanctum to name a few) that have come forward powerfully. This Prophets of Yahweh can easily be added to the list of band names. Oronodromozro is a debut album that leaves a strong impression. Definitely go and give it a listen.

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