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Caravela Escarlate - Caravela Escarlate

Caravela Escarlate - Caravela Escarlate

Label : Karisma Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Caravela Escarlate (Crimson Ship) is a trio from Brazil for whom the time has stood still. On this eponymous album, the successor of the debut Raschuno, musically the band goes back to the early 70s. The time when bands like ELP, Gong, Genesis and Gentle Giant were the main players when it comes to progressive rock.

These gentlemen have a big preference for dated sounding prog rock. It really seems like their album was recorded more than 30 years ago, both in terms of sound (production) and song material. There are eight self-written songs on this CD of which the shortest lasts four and a half minutes and the longest lasts more than eleven minutes. What is immediately noticeable is the fact that the lyrics (and therefore the song titles) are in Portuguese. I am not immediately happy about that, because that is a strange language to listen to. That listening is not made easy anyway because David Caravelle is a fantastic musician but he cannot sing. He should keep it with playing the bass, guitar and violin, but unfortunately he does not. Fortunately, the band, like the sources of inspiration from the past, chooses to play many and long instrumental pieces, so that the problem of singing remains marginal. Because of the line-up, the (often) lack of guitars and the use of violin and pumping keyboards, I regularly think of a band like UK when listening to these Brazilians, although their song material is of a lesser level than the illustrious English trio. Fans of the genre can purchase this disc blindly. Those who love real heavy music should ignore this product.

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