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The Flaying - Angry, Undead

The Flaying - Angry, Undead

Label : PRC Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : The Canadian province of Quebec seems to be a hotbed for technical and progressive metal bands and for the past three decades the scene in and around Montréal has brought forth an impressive list of bands such as Voivod, Gorguts and Cryptopsy, but also bands like Beyond Creation and Augury have made quite a name for themselves in recent years. And what about now defunct bands like Neuraxis, Quo Vadis and Martyr, who have left their progressive marks in the Canadian metal scene? To make a long story short, the French part of Canada is full of metal talent, that is for sure.

The Flaying for that matter, fits right in this picture. The four-piece band from Quebec City, the capital city of the like-named province, plays technical death metal with a progressive bass guitar sound and release their second studio album Angry, Undead on March 29. On their self-released debut album Unhope from 2014 the band was still looking for their own sound, but the good news is that The Flaying has make quite a lot of progress on a musical level. The Canadians inspire with appealing compositions, exciting guitar riffs and bass lines, progressive melodies, big grooves and fat breakdowns, combining progressive melodies with sheer death metal aggression and due to a crystal clear and powerful production by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) the songs come into full play. Angry, Undead is quite a number, I am really digging these addictive and mesmerizing death metal tunes and I am quite sure most of you technical and progressive death metal fans out there will feel the same about this album once you have checked this out. The Flaying is definitely a band to keep an eye and an ear on!

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