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Rock Goddess - This Time

Rock Goddess - This Time

Label : Bite You To Death Records UK | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Since the early Eighties the Turner sisters Jody (guitar and vocals) and Julie (drums) have been making music under the name of Rock Goddess. Their first two albums Rock Goddess and Hell Hath No Fury gave them some recognition and fame. The girls played as support for name bands like Iron Maiden and Y&T during these early years. After being dropped from A&M music, their third album only got a release in France. Then it became quiet for a long time. Around 2013 the sisters brought new life into the beast. Last year they recorded an EP, now it is time for their fourth album This Time. Tracey Lamb is completing the recording line up, but has departed the band shortly after. Production was handled by Julie Turner. Well, not much has changed since their first two albums. It is still some sort of hard edged Rock & Roll. Simple structures, straight ahead. Two Wrongs Dont Make It Right is one of the better songs. The girls decided to stick to the formula that gave them some success at the beginning of their career, so there is no real change or progression in the song material and performance. Jody Turner still sounds the same, a bit aggressive and biting in her way of singing. There will definitely be a, small, market for this eighties sounding Rock. For Rock Goddess time is standing still since the eighties, that becomes obviously clear with this release. Nothing changed.

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