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Moonlyght - Progressive Darkness

Moonlyght - Progressive Darkness

Label : Escapi | Archive under various

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Sometimes, inscrutable albums have an irresistible attractive power on me. It must be caused by irrational traits in my mind. I am not talking about guitar virtuoso playing ten scales in one minute (all respect to them), but about bands that succeed in creating a structure in their music in the midst of an almost cacophonous whole, and immediately collar a person. Could this be progressive? Look here, this CD is called 'Progressive Darkness'. And Moonlyght is a band like I mentioned above. I never heard of them before but that has changed now. It is a sample of superior home diligence that was released two years ago already in their home country Canada, but as from the 11th of May it will be available everywhere through intermediary of Escapi (Sweden).

Describing the music of Moonlyght is like a counting up of different styles that are not related on first sight, but fit wonderful together in this project. One can compare it with a one-pan-dish where all different ingredients call up other facets of taste, but yet all together make a delicious whole. A copious dish, it is, no light stuff these Canadians! Folkloric by its frisky tunes and ditto vocals, expeditious as a hardy Viking-ship in the furious death/black metal parts, modest and ceremonial when plucking acoustic guitars prevail. You have got the choice: or you take note minutely trying to analyse it or you just let yourself go on the waves of this inventive piece of dark, expansive metal.

The lovely vocals of Jessica Bell are only used to emphasize the rural image of the folklore notions (in 'Fantasy' and 'Progressive Darkness'), the violin brings some melancholic moods and absolute superb it is when an accordion manifests itself in between the heavy structure of 'The Autumn's Freezing Harmony'. Furthermore this album is wild and rough. A must for fans of Opeth, Disillusion, Borknagar and Cruachan. Full of surprises and daring, that's why I provide this album with notes of exclamation in stead of question marks!!!

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