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Morglbl - The Story Of Scott Roti

Morglbl - The Story Of Scott Roti

Label : Free Electric Sound | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Morglbl is a new name to me, and yet they have been active for over twenty years and have released their seventh album last month. The album is called The Story Of Scott Roti and the frequent use of umlauts in their song titles, the abstract, crazy album cover and the band name itself appear to indicate that this is a very eccentric, special band. The Story Of Scott Roti proves that this is true, but only in the most positive sense of the words.

The story of Scott is a very interesting, musical journey, in which the term progressive is probably the most fitting in describing the direction it is going in. But that is a very broad descriptor. This album is about jazzy constructions; not the mathematic, nervous ones, but the relaxed, jamming kind of soul that has a tendency to catch a warm melody and continue with that. Sometimes sturdy and heavy and other times wide and open. Great bass lines and loops that do not just follow the guitars but are actually a separate component, tasty riffs that scream at one point and at another seem to take a walk around the block, so to speak. The progression on the album is like a train that speeds up on the straight parts and slows down as it rambles on through the mountains and valleys, making very surprising turns and notches. The journey is enthralling and there is an ever present dark and dynamic edge. Because the first song sounds a little bit predictable and the album manages to catch and keep the listeners interest after that, The Story Of Scott Roti was an absolutely positive surprise.

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