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Haeredium - Ascension

Haeredium - Ascension

Label : Art Gates Records | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Of all the things I want to tell you about this album, I will start with the statement that we have a pretty much unique piece of music here. Haeredium is a French folk metal band who uses clean vocals and a good dose of flutes and violins. Now what is so special about that? many an Elvenking fan will moan now. I will tell you I moan back. The word moaning is used for a reason by the way, do read on.

First of all there is the opening of the album that is striking, for the main instrument is someone whistling. That is the first moment you might realise that something particular might be about to happen on this album. The combination with piano and guitars that opens the song Breathe flows into something that can be described as Equilibrium-light. Enthusiasm over here until I hear the simply terrible vocals by Sebastien. Good lord, how limited must your vocal range be before some yellow vests appear outside the studio telling you that this is insufficient for a decent metal album? Such a terrible shame, for musically Haeredium has some great ideas that more than once revisit that Equilibrium-light feeling. Images I Recall has a tasty staccato sound with an inventive and jumpy solo piece that leaves plenty of room for violins and other exotic instruments as the rules of folk metal prescribe. Merchant Of Lies has a very strange vibe with the piano, you should really try this one out for yourself! Fall is more Alestorm, while the eight minute epos From Silence has extensive piano and more classical compositions, reminding more of Virgin Steele while the Equilibrium feeling is not lost. Winds Will Turn has the winds coming from Scandinavia with some Amorphis elements in the guitars. Then there is a French song that is pure Alestorm, and pure misery for that part.

Ascension is a very diverse and surprising album, that would have scored above an eight for sure if only there was a decent vocalist in the fold. For vocal no-good like this, I feel that I have no choice to subtract two full points. If this band wants to grow, it might be an idea to search for a dedicated vocalist and let Seb focus on his guitar, something that he plays rather well.

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