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Dark Intervals - VI - Synkissa Valeissa

Dark Intervals - VI - Synkissa Valeissa

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Download

Bart M. : Ilkka Harjula, the man from Finland who taught himself to play multiple styles of music has released his sixth album last June. He went from singing in English to singing in his native language and even though this does nothing to discredit the music, it does have an effect on the big picture.

Synkissa Väleissa has recognizable riffs and melodies in the vein of Sabbath and Maiden, but in its own wayward and much appreciable way. Dark Intervals shows a very progressive doom sound that regularly includes bits and pieces of power metal. Especially the predictable but ever so pleasant solo guitar easily falls into that category. The music has a delicious, full sound that might be somewhat overwhelming in the beginning, but will steadily start feeling like a warm bath. The ice cubes thrown into that bath have everything to do with the vocals. Something feels amiss here, and I cannot quite put my finger on whether it is the sound of them in itself or just the Finnish dialect. Something does not seem in line with this kind of music. Dark and sober at times, heavily melodious at others, but that seems to land quite well as we get used to the sound and the vocals start taking on some kind of hypnotizing quality. Ice cubes in warm water are, after all, appreciated by some and not so by others.

If you are into dark and adventurous music that fits into any of the aforementioned labels I am sure this record will suit your needs just fine. Melodic enough to be accessible and with a number of plot twists that makes this interesting to even the most jaded metalhead out there.

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