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Ataraxie - Resignes

Ataraxie - Resignes

Label : XenoKorp | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Ataraxie is a French extreme doom metal outfit and this Resignes is their fourth full-length. Four painful doom tracks spanning more than 80 minutes in length. Ataraxie plays funeral/death doom in the vein of Evoken, Worship and Disembowelment. Heavy, crushing and monolithic as this type of extreme doom should be. Yet tragic melodies are also present and give the songs a sense of purpose and an emotional context which often is missed in this style. Although mostly slow and bleak, there are bursts of aggression. Somehow the reminded me of The Ruins Of Beverast. While the songs are quite long, there are not many lacklustre moments, which is quite a feat by itself. And therefore I would say that extreme doom adepts should check this Resignes out.

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