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Sinmara - Hvisl Stjarnanna

Sinmara - Hvisl Stjarnanna

Label : Van Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The Icelandic horde Sinmara is ready to unleash their second full-length upon us. Hvisl Stjarnanna is title of this new one and it is quite an impressive album I must say. At first glance it is a typical exponent of the Icelandic black metal scene, akin to Svartidaudi and Mispyrming, but there are many elements to Sinmara its music that sets them apart as well. The songs are complex and full of twists and turns. And yes, dissonance plays an important role, as well as brutality, negativity and aggression. The thing that Sinmara does to distinguish themselves is the frequent use melody. Either in the riffing or in the form of searing, harrowing leads. The combination of almost emotional harmonies and utterly dark dissonance and raucous vocal roars works like a charm. Fascinating yet instantly embraced by the trained black metal ear. A combination not often seen. Recommended.

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