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Sinn - The Rune Of Odin

Sinn - The Rune Of Odin

Label : | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Tormentor Erich : Funny how things go full-circle sometimes. About three years ago when I started to write for the Lords one of my first reviews was about the American metal band Jesters Moon. And to be honest, I wasn't that much impressed by Jesters Moon. So, now - three years later- and Vido Sinn (ex Jester Moon) releases with his band Sinn the album 'The Return Of Odin'. And this album is quit alright and quit different.

'The Rune Of Odin' is a firm black metal album. But be careful, it is black metal in a more open minded atmosphere. OK, the lyrics are all anti-Christian so that is black metal alright. Furthermore 85 percent of the music is black metal in the spirit of bands like Dimmu Borgir. Sometimes a synthesizer, a lot of fast drumming and good riffs, and also the guitar solos are worked out the way it should be (yes!). To give this album some own identity, Sinn put in intros at four songs. These intro's are things like Greek acoustic guitars, scary sounds or even just rolling drums. The vocals by Vido are alternated and at the songs 'Unspoken Bounds' we even hear a second voice added. A bit strange maybe for black metal are some influences that pop into my mind. Take for instance the song 'Crooked Christ', this riff reminds me of Ministry and in 'Diabolical' I even hear some gothic influences.

Because of this open minded approach in the songwriting 'The Rune Of Odin' album is different from all the other middle of the road black metal. Unfortunately I cannot speak of a very high score, for this the album is just not good enough, and the production needs to be better next time. The mix is a bit strange, some breaks go wrong because of a sound that is too hard or too soft and the drums sound every now and then too much like hitting a can. A pity, but still in general this album deserves a listening session by those who are into the harder part of the world of metal.

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