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Dronte - Quelque Part Entre La Guerre Et La Lachete

Dronte - Quelque Part Entre La Guerre Et La Lachete

Label : Apathia Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Dronte is a French ensemble and [/I]Quelque Part Entre La Guerre Et La Lachete[/I] is my introduction to them. A strange bunch of musicians this Dronte (another word for the dodo) is. They play only acoustic instruments such as piano, guitars, saxophone, double bass and vibraphone. So they create metal music as a chamber orchestra. Sure the drums and vocals clearly propel the music into realm of modernity, but metal music without electric and distorted guitars is still a bit odd. Their music is odd as well. The saxophone is often the leading instrument, drums are pounding as in proper metal, and the overall vibe of the music shape shifts from jazzy to extreme aggression. And so do the vocals; sometimes growling or like a narrator in a film and often proclaiming like in a political speech. It hard to reach the levels of variety and intensity of these instruments in a metal framework, but Dronte do pull it off. Interesting stuff for fans of John Zorn or Solefald

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