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Buckcherry - Warpaint

Buckcherry - Warpaint

Label : Century Media | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Buckcherry remains on the same musical path, after their successful album 15; a mix of classic (glam) rock in the line of Aerosmith, combined with more modern Nickelback, or even 3 Doors Down-like influences. The final result is a collection of pretty solid, easy consumable tracks, which do not really convince in outstanding taste. Todd states to have presented more of his inner self than ever, which should make this album stand out from previous albums; a conclusion I cannot confirm after listening to the album though. Warpaint is certainly listenable, but also very much played on the safe side and maybe even a bit dull, despite the available variation. Maybe the NIN cover Head Like A Hole will be the most daring piece of work, a track that caused pretty diverse opinions. Still, most of the fans of the band will probably be satisfied and for the average listener there are also no actual surprises, no true killer tracks, but no real bummers either.

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