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Black Therapy - Echoes Of Dying Memories

Black Therapy - Echoes Of Dying Memories

Label : Black Lion Productions | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : Somewhere in Rome lies Small-Gothenborg. Black Therapy comes from that district. I have been allowed to discuss some matters of these gloomy gentlemen before and came to the conclusion that it was nott annoying at all. The music was very inspired by that of the Gothenburg sound. Really Sherlock? Spherical, melodic death metal, in minor, with the support of keyboards. Indeed exactly what Dark Tranquillity does nowadays. And of course there is very little wrong with that.

Unfortunately, this album is not as good as you would expect. Strange when you consider that nothing has changed in terms of vocals, atmosphere and song writing. What is different than on previous albums? Well, these people suffer much more from weltschmerz as they did earlier. In itself it can be very nice to revel in other people[/I]s misery, but on this album this results in a much slower pace. The songs are more layered and more epic, but also more sombre and slower. It therefore also somewhat resembles Insomnium and sometimes also (especially the slower parts) Draconian. The quality of the music does not suffer, but the entertainment factor does. The slower songs (and those are heavily the majority) are too monotonous and not very uplifting. That difference is very noticeable with a wonderful song like Dreamer. Here the pace is high and the song is really very entertaining. This is also the best song of the album. This is quite a good album, but compared to the previous one a bit less because of the average low tempo which makes the songs seem too similar. Next time their lasagne needs more pepper!

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