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Katie Kruel - The Rise And Fall Of Cannibal Planet

Katie Kruel - The Rise And Fall Of Cannibal Planet

Label : Seja Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Katie Kruel is a four piece band from Rotterdam and they bring us their second longplayer The Rise And Fall Of Cannibal Planet. After their debut in 2013 there has been a change of personnel in the rhythm section of the band and their sound is now heavier than it was. The album has a grinding, devastating progression. Katie Kruel combines all the grimy, heavy and intense, in short everything good, of several awesome styles, including post and stoner metal, making the end result sound thoroughly doomy.

There is a lot more happening on this disc though and the band very easily creates a sensitive atmosphere with slower and more subdued pieces in which the vocals of singer Nathalie Houtermans play no small role! She knows very well to use her voice in a way that I would not call theatrical, but more a kind of voice-acting, with which she uses the right intonation, height and speed for each emotion and ambiance.

This is a terrific album for people who are jaded and soured by life, and need something to put them down to earth again. This music does a great job in shaking up the mind and soul to leave the listener feeling blissfully awakened at the end of the ride. This is a band that I am proud to say is from The Netherlands!

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