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Iron Fire - Beyond The Void

Iron Fire - Beyond The Void

Label : Crime Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : About two and a half year after the release of Among The Dead, the Danish power metal combi Iron Fire is ready for album number nine. This fact alone added to the almost twenty years that this group is producing albums at a steady rate, makes that Iron Fire is a band that no one can go around in the sub top of European heavy metal. The last two albums surprised many with a darker sound, as the trends in traditional metal will.

This line is drawn further on Beyond The Void, an album title that already gives that away. Martin Steene and his gang have delivered good work once again. The opening title track has the groovy elements of the last album, something that fits perfectly to the low vocals of Steene and the occasional grunt. Cold Chains Of The North brings back the sound of old and with it, an inescapable Running Wild twist. Though the album definitely stands, it is clear again why the true break-through has never happened. For that, some of the songs are too interchangeable and the album misses a spark of originality. We roll back and forth between ancient influence Running Wild and the German metal sound of today like from a band like Mystic Prophecy. The loyal core of fans and everyone who can digest heavy metal with a good dose of cliché will be able to appreciate this album. Listening tips are Beyond The Void, Cold Chains Of The North and also Bones And Gasoline has its right of existence!

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