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The Riven - Blackbird

The Riven - Blackbird

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Mini-CD

Wim S. : The Riven is a new band from London, who release their debut Blackbird a while ago. There are five tracks on this disc that clearly throwback to classic rock bands like Grand Funk Railroad and alike. With singer Charlotta Ekebergh the band features a lead singer with a good voice. Because the music of The Riven is blues oriented, a comparison with Blues Pills is immediately obvious, but this comparison is not valid as far as I am concerned. The Riven is a less complicated band: it is pretty simple, standard-based heavy riffs, bluesy rock that we hear on Blackbird. And where Blues Pills take back power more and more, The Riven just press the pedal more and more. As in the delicious Killer On The Loose (no, not a Thin Lizzy cover) in which guitarist Arnau Diaz goes berserk during the solo part. Great stuff. In itself nothing really earth shattering, but indeed a nice, catchy release.

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