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Aenigma - Into The Abyss

Aenigma - Into The Abyss

Label : Ghost Label Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : What a joy to listen to an album again that makes you fall in love with it in an instant. After a nice intro, that immediately makes it clear what a good production this album has and band members that are quite talented, it is the first song that gives singer Caterina her stage. From the first moments it is clear that she has had a proper education in singing and she takes me completely with her amazing voice. Is it an Italian thing? Alice Chirico, the former vocalist of Fifth Law, did the same thing. The band was founded in 2013 but has just been in a steady line up since two years. The band started with a folk metal kind of music but has transformed into a more gothic kind of metal. And it is great! Just a pity that the album is over after just forty minutes. But these forty minutes take your heart and the beautiful tones and enchanting voice of Caterina seem to make love to its listeners of the music. The beautiful theatrical way a song like Crimson Moon is played is a good example. If a band is able to make such a debut album, it is a promise for the future.

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