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M.I. God - Specters On Parade

M.I. God - Specters On Parade

Label : Fastball Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : A band that describes their own music as 'sophisticated metal'. Well, that is a challenge indeed. M.I God is a German band that releases only their second album 'Specters On Parade', despite the fact that the band is already active more than six years. That is mainly due to all kinds of setbacks that the band had to deal with. The biggest setback and that's an understatement, was the sudden death of bass player Matt Weber during the recording of this album in 2017. Therefore 'Specters On Parade' is dedicated to Matt.

'Specters On Parade' is a concept album that deals with drama, death, destruction and mystery. The album consists of thirteen songs with short interludes between all songs, bringing the total number of titles to as much as 21. That includes the bonus track 'I Feed You My love', a cover of a Norwegian band that I do not know. MI. God indeed plays rather complex music, but not of the kind that will alarm the careless listener in advance. Let's call it progressive metal, a bit in the style of bands like Into Eternity, Coheed And Cambria, Leprous and Fates Warning. The band has an excellent singer in the person of Max Chemnitz, who not only sings easily but also without an accent and very powerful. In guitarist Uli Horzemer, the band also has an outstanding guitarist who not only convinces in the riffs ('Titans Of The Void') but also adapts fine solos, not only by playing a lot of musical notes but solos that add to the songs. The tempo is often high, but the well-oiled machine also very easily temporizes ('Atelier Macabre'). Also listen to how easily the band switches in chords and tempo in the fabulous title track! The role of keyboardist Dodo Schmitt is also very prominent: her contributions really add something to the music of M.I. God. Well, what else should I say about this album? Fans of excellent (heavy) progressive (mechanical!) metal can purchase this album with peace of mind.

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