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Horizons Edge - Let The Show Go On

Horizons Edge - Let The Show Go On

Label : Fastball Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : It has been about three years since I reviewed Heavenly Realms of this Australian band, and the album got away with a shabby six out of ten. On this follow-up Let The Show Go On the band showcases some repeated moves, which tells us that also here we have symphonic power metal. Do not be sad in advance though, for the band has grown in many aspects. The vocals by Kat have more body to them, the music is less same old and gained a progressive twist here and there, and also the lyrics are to be taken more seriously here. Focus points on this album are the fiery opener A New Day Will Dawn, the Black Majesty-breathing title track and the unique song Demons. The most striking though is Holding Out For A Hero, a Bonnie Tyler cover and maybe best known from the film Shrek 2. The vocals by Kat are something that you either fancy or dislike, but musically this is a clear improvement on the meagre Heavenly Realms. The riffs are tight, the keyboards are well-dosed and the songs are well composed. Good enough for an hour of audible enjoyment for all those who like Scandinavian metal, though this band literally comes from the other side of the planet.

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