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Blatant Disarray - Ebon Path

Blatant Disarray - Ebon Path

Label : Dirt Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : If Testaments Chuck Billy would sing in Blatant Disarray, then Ebon Path would be a pretty wicked thrash metal album. Instead, the band from Raleigh, North Carolina named after Metallicas The Shortest Straw has Mike Schaeffer as their singer and he unfortunately is The Weakest Link in Blatant Disarray. With his Chuck Billy imitation voice he kills this record all by himself. And that really is a shame, because the thrash metal played by Blatant Disarray is actually quite good! The Bay Area influenced thrash metal with modern European thrash metal influences sounds really solid. Big thrash metal riffs, virtuoso guitar solos and a solid rhythm section are the strongest assets of Blatant Disarray. Yet the vocals, they are really special. They just do no sound right. As if they do not fit right in. The production, on the other hand, sounds great. It was the same singer / guitarist Mike Schaeffer together with a little help from Corrosion of Conformitys Mike Dean who produced the album. Ebon Path should appeal to fans from Metallica, Testament or Corrosion of Conformity, that is, if you like the vocals on this album.

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