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Vanir - Allfather

Vanir - Allfather

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Although we are a fervent supporter of pagan/folk metal, Danish Vanir did not convince us yet with Aldar Rok (2016). But finally everything has been upgraded to a higher level with these Danish Vikings! They evolved from a pagan metal band with bagpipes and flutes to a heavier variation in melodic death/black metal style. Still they have the epic, battle-like Norse mythology as topic, while we can mention bands such as Amon Amarth, Ensiferum and Equilibrium as outfits of their ilk. Once again the six-piece will not win a prize for originality with Allfather, but they surely convince us way much more this time, with one hour of Viking victory about the previous Danish king Svend Tveskæg.

Stability came over the line-up and that paid off in eleven energetic compositions. The necessary variegation is done to a turn, with Danish as well as English lyrics, magnificent guitar solos, keyboards and choir support, as well as playing with different rhythms. Even the eight minutes long Ironside captivates from start to finish. However, as proper taster we want to suggest Fejd, a stalwart track with vocal guest contribution of Martin Steene. Some of you will know him from Iron Fire. Just watch the video clip. Any sounds of arms and nature are not shun, but they manage to hold your attention all album long. With epic approach, yet enough fetching melodies, that is what Allfather stands for. That is why it is really recommended to every pagan metal fan. A giant leap forward for this band!

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