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O.R.k. - Ramagehead

O.R.k. - Ramagehead

Label : KScope | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : I have no idea what happened to me while listening to O.R.k. its third and new album Ramagehead, but it was an incredibly intense journey that definitely did - and does - stir the emotions. Above all it is an especially beautiful and thrilling album. As a teenager I listened, hypnotized, very long and very frequently to Uriah Heep their albums, simply because it was so enthralling to experience how each song, each story would unfold. That feeling of fixed desire and endless wonder does not come to me very often anymore, but this album pushed it fair and square into my face.

Progressive? Somewhat doomy? Definitely both, but even when you add a touch of quirkiness it probably still will not give you a very clear picture of what O.R.k. is doing here. Very dreamy, stretched out landscapes reveal themselves, alternated by destructive, heavier parts. A curtain of dissonances is violently ripped open, assisted by the powerful vocals and rhythmic guitar movements: soundwaves that literally ebb and flow against the porous walls of your auricle. Those vocals are really versatile and pleasant to listen to. From time to time they create an almost cosmic, Bowie-atmosphere and, in combination with the psychedelic and hard hitting music, constantly suggests that it is okay to let go and drift around in the safe, warm ocean that is Ramagehead.

It is a big adventure on which every song will let you desire it to never end; but once they do you are drawn onto another compelling pathway. Ramagehead makes sense in every way and it simply cannot miss from the collection of anyone who is into engaging, progressive metal and rock.

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