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Nexus Omega - Password::Infinity

Nexus Omega - Password::Infinity

Label : Zoundr | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The German Nexus Omega releases here their debut. This is especially evident in the regions of melodic death metal. Lyrical inspiration is sought in a futuristic computer-controlled and post-apocalyptic world. Think especially of those original science fiction films from the eighties such as Terminator and Blade Runner. And the keyboard which did provide original film music. Nexus Omega is also not shy from the synthesizer. This creates an atmospheric and sometimes artificial atmosphere. Actually, that is quite an original approach. It gives it an extra progressive atmosphere as you sometimes have with Pink Floyd and Dream Theater. The combination of melodic death metal with the nicely worked-out breaks with keyboard is well put together. The only downside are the vocals. He has a hoarse-sounding grunt that shows little variation and soon turns monotonous and sad. And that is a shame because otherwise it would have been a very nice debut.

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