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Massimo Canfora - Create Your Own Show

Massimo Canfora - Create Your Own Show

Label : Ghost Label Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : The Italian Rock scene is alive and kicking, last year we saw many releases in all variations of the Rock spectrum. Variety is also the key word when you look at the quality of the releases. A new kid on the block is guitarist Massimo Canfora from Rome. Playing guitar from an early age, this is his sophomore release Create Your Own Show. The album is mainly instrumental, only No Right has Jade on lead vocals. The album was recorded over a period of about a year and a half at several studios. Still the production sounds consistent and convincing. Quite an achievement. At the end there are more than twenty fellow musicians who contributed to the album. On the cover Massimo is wielding an Ibanez guitar, similar to the kind a certain American guitar virtuoso tends to use. Is this a hint at what to expect? Yep, it is, the album has Steve Vai written all over it. Is it a bad thing? No, not really, Canfora has enough own identity in his playing and songwriting. He does use some pretty different song titles like Fake Papyrus or Blue Snow On The Beach. There are some enjoyable tracks on offering, like Sun In The Box or the title track. Normally, I tend to get bored easily with instrumental albums, but Canfora manages to hold my attention throughout the album. If you are a sucker for Steve Vai like instrumental music, give this Italian a try.

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