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Majestic Downfall - Waters Of Fate

Majestic Downfall - Waters Of Fate

Label : Solitude Productions | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : I totally appreciate the evolution of Majestic Downfall, hailing from Mexico. Initially started as a solo project of Jacobo Cordova (Zombiefication) the last album already saw drummer Alfonso Sanchez as a steady band member. Around the same time some musicians were recruited to make sure they could perform live. And now it all turned into a full band. It is also great to mention that guitarist Juan M. Dahern (Dies Irae) co-composed some of the new songs on Waters Of Fate. So, there is new input, which means a step forwards in their evolution. I already mentioned this in my review on When Dead. And that leads to appreciation.

Waters Of Fate is without doubt a Majestic Downfall album. You can still hear the influences of bands such as Katatonia. But the band composes their songs in a way where they do not forget where they are coming form but still find new angles. Add the great mix/master by Tore Stjerna (Necromorbus Studio) and you know they created a mighty album. Perhaps you should give it a few spins, but as far as I am concerned it really is one of the better doom/death albums released in recent years.

There are multiple editions available. For the American continents Chaos Records released Waters Of Fate. For the European and Asian markets Solitude Productions and Weird Truth Productions cooperated on the release. That version contains a bonus track that stands out a bit. Waters Of Faith is and interpretation of a composition of Jacobo by Juan driven by keyboards. It is a nice addition but to me the five main tracks are where it is at.

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