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Lucifericon - Al-Khem-Me

Lucifericon - Al-Khem-Me

Label : Invictus Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : This album was released a couple of months ago already, but for whatever reason we have not covered it yet at Lords of Metal, so it is about time. It was about time for Lucifericon to record a full length studio album as well and with Al-Khem-Me after ten years band history they finally managed to do so. The death metal band from Bladel, The Netherlands thus far released two excellent EPs (The Occult Waters in 2012 and Brimstone Altar in 2016) and based on these releases they were asked for many live gigs home and abroad (for instance Part.San Open Air in 2017 and Metal Magic Fest 2016 in Denmark).

Lucifericon plays raw old school blackened death metal with an occult theme. The album title, for instance, is based on alchemy, the medieval occult art based on science and magic, in which alchemists tried to turn base metals such as lead and copper with help of the philosophers stone into gold. The philosophers stone was supposed to be useful for rejuvenation and for achieving immortality. Just so you know. The members of Lucifericon played in Destroyer 666, Pentacle and the less known Suns Blood before and the influences from these bands in the sound of Lucifericon cannot be denied. The eight tracks on Al-Khem-Me vary from mid-paced occult sounding metal to raging old school death metal with an authentic character. Influences from thrash metal, death metal and some black metal are all present and blended into a cocktail of blackened metal of death. Al-Khem-Me was recorded in the Underworld Studio in Germany, with former Destroyer 666 drummer Chris Mersus Menning, who gave the album a raw and dark production. The album was released through the Invictus Productions from Ireland, who released it both on vinyl and CD. Occult death metal fans will grab their copy over there.

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