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Destroyers Of All - The Vile Manifesto

Destroyers Of All - The Vile Manifesto

Label : Mosher Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This Portuguese band shows on the second album an ingenious mix of progressive death and thrash metal. A range of influences has been incorporated into it. Their debut Bleak Fragments sounded already promising. Here the songs are worked out much better and the band has developed a strong individual sound. This is expressed in rather ingenious songs that float on delicious riffs. That is interspersed with fast and flashy guitar work. Usually the melodic dominates over the brutal and every time there is a progressive touch. Together with the vocals of Joao Mateus a lot of smashing moments pass. Opener Tohu Wa-Bohu immediately shows what the band is able to do. The title is also a biblical Hebrew sentence, comes from the book Genesis and deals with the condition of the earth before the sunlight was created. So there is well thought about it. João screaming en roaring is assisted by polyphonic choruses that give it a catchy conclusion. His texts are fairly understandable. Even when it sounds more aggressive, such as False Idols. Destination Unknown also contains a fine permanent chorus. Halfway the song, the band switches to a jazz break and goes then back to full speed. At the end you get the bonus track Kill The Preacher, that was covered by a lot of bands. Destroyers Of All has made a nice thrash death metal version of it. The band proves with this album that there is still a lot of innovation possible in the death and thrash metal genre.

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