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Deserted Fear - Drowned By Humanity

Deserted Fear - Drowned By Humanity

Label : Century Media | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Deserted Fear is back to the front with a new album called Drowned By Humanity exactly two years after the release of Dead Shores Rising. People who are familiar with this German horde know what to expect by now from these guys. Since 2012 they bring us every two to three years a new album filled with catchy death metal from the old days and that is no different this time.

Pounding, midtempo death with a melodic approach is what we get. While listening for the first time to songs like An Everlasting Dawn and Reflect the Storm, Swedish giants At The Gates and Hypocrisy immediately come to mind. There was a time in the beginning of their career when Deserted Fear still had a raw edge, heading in the direction of the oldest Swedish ruling bands, but afterwards they shifted towards a smoother and more melodic sound. The riffs are catchy and captivating, but not that innovative and that could be a flaw to some listeners. Lovers of old school death metal will not mind at all as long as the execution is top and that certainly is the case here. The grunts of Manuel Glatter are powerful and less monotonous than on the older stuff, so it seems there were made some adjustments in the vocal department. The production is very clear and top-notch, but here I ask myself whether that was necessary? As far as I am concerned a messier sound would not do any harm, but Deserted Fear and/or Century Media has/have opted for a very accessible sound, which, of course, will attract a wider audience.

Fans of the Swedish death metal scene and/or lovers of the more recent works by German bands like Revel In Flesh or Obscure Infinity can purchase this album with peace of mind. Drowned By Humanity is just a solid death metal record with lots of flair and does not pretend to be something else either.

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