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Der Rote Milan - Moritat

Der Rote Milan - Moritat

Label : Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Der Rote Milan brings us more or less a concept album which deals with Schinderhannes, a German outlaw who lived in the eighteenth century. This so-called Robin Hood is a well-known villain/hero in German history.

On this new album, named Moritat, one plays black metal and the lyrics are performed in German to underline the local character of the stories. Moritat starts of as yet another atmospheric black metal album, but it soon becomes clear that there is more than meets the eye. Sticky sweet melodies lose their virginity in a horrid flood of intense black metal with furious blast beats. The anguished screams of vocalist III are full of anger, sometimes turning into lower grunts and suddenly changing again into a lingering lament of uncontrollable moaning. The whole album hovers between this relentless violence and those bright, enchanting moments. The contrast between the raw parts and the delicate fragments is mind boggling. The songwriting of the six songs is tremendous and the authentic emotions are captured in an impressive performance.

This record must be heard by everyone that calls himself/herself a black metal fan, regardless of the sub-genre to which he/she listens to. Think of bands like Geist, Lunar Aurora, Nagelfar and Imperium Dekadenz to give yourself an idea how good this is! Moritat will be released by Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork as a noble A5 digipak-CD and on red and black vinyl!

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