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Cranston - II

Cranston - II

Label : Rock Company | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : A while ago two greats from the A.O.R.-scene, being Phil Vincent and Paul Sabu, decided to start up a collaboration, which was named after the birth place of the first mentioned and as such Cranston was a fact. With the help of drummer B.F. D-Ercole the eponymously entitled debut album was brought to market at the end of 2016 which is now followed by this II record. The debut definitely was quite a creditable album and brought us lots of easy listening A.O.R.-material, but it just did not contain enough real mind-blowing songs to talk about a truly great record.

As a matter of fact that also accounts for this successor II, because the eleven songs on offer are all quite enjoyable to listen to, but contain not enough exciting elements to really stand out from the crowd between the enormous amount of releases that are thrown at us every month. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the musicianship of these gentlemen and also the voice of Paul Sabu is still as strong as ever, but in my opinion everything is too much played in safe mode Tunes like Always On The Run, Soul Crusher and Dead & Gone are quite okay and as a matter of fact that accounts for the whole album, but the material nowhere escapes mediocrity and for me that is just not good enough for people with such a reputation like Phil Vincent and Paul Sabu. With their history and experience I had expected somewhat better material, but maybe my expectation was just not realistic. II is very worthwhile listening to, but as stated definitely not an outlier in the genre. You have to decide for yourself whether that is enough to purchase this record.

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