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BufferState - Anthropy

BufferState - Anthropy

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : BufferState's debut EP has become somewhat of a piece of art. I am first and foremost talking about the cd and the design of its cover: when we unfold it four panels will reveal themselves, each of which has a beautiful, abstract painting decorating it along with lyrics to each of the four songs that are on Anthropy. When a cover is given this degree of attention (and I wish more bands would do that!) it raises certain, high expectations of the music itself.

And BufferState does not fail to deliver. A hefty bit of genuine hullabaloo, it seems at first listen, but the deeper we explore the immense waves of sound that are coming at us the clearer it becomes that this band is not afraid to experiment and do things that are way into the realms of the unexpected. An interesting combination of styles, this is mostly a special kind of post rock that in Voivod-like ways is drenched in breaks and shifts of tempo, but still shows four very distinct and cohesive tracks that all have a constant flow. Peter Glas his vocals are powerful and somewhat Draiman-ish (Disturbed), but have no fear, in this case they sound very appropriate and handsome. BufferState manages to touch with their music and takes us on a wayward musical adventure.

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