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Bring Me The Horizon - Amo

Bring Me The Horizon - Amo

Label : Sony Music Entertainment | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : With Thats The Spirit that came out in 2015, Bring Me The Horizon finally made its way into a pop and rock sound with many electronic elements. It was also a farewell to their metalcore past. The album made his way up the charts and it brought the band to many big festivals and a worldwide tour.

With the new Amo that path is continued. What is immediately noticeable is the attractive sight of the CD. The accompanying booklet is half a version which makes the CD stand out. Musically you get to hear a very wide range. Metalcore does not belong there anymore. The role of Jordan Fish who does the programming and the keyboards is much higher on this album. A number of songs still contain some nice guitar parts. The single Mantra certainly belongs to that. A stirring pop and rock song with fine guitar work. A digital female voice repeats the title of the song several times. It is certainly a nice song that has been around on the radio for weeks. Nihilist Blues is a pop song with a nice beat. You could even think of Faithless. The Canadian vocalist Grimes even sing some parts. Another remarkable guest contribution is reserved for Dani Filth. In the equally wonderfully rocking Wonderful Life he provides a behind-talking narrative voice. The nice guitar work is very similar to the Limp Bizkit guitars and makes this a catchy song. For the rest, only Sugar Honey Ice & Tea is still worth mentioning. A rock song where the pace is increased a few times. But back with a sweet chorus. The other songs are sometimes flat pop songs with a lot of lounge, electro and dub step alike drumming. It is not for nothing that in the song Heavy Metal the band makes a statement about the musical direction that they have assumed. Amo is more a pop as a rock album. The numerous preset hits will certainly make Bring Me The Horizon even bigger.

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