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Claudio Delgift - The Essential

Claudio Delgift - The Essential

Label : Rock Company | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Claudio Delgift is a new name to me. So far the Argentinian multi-instrumentalist did not put out any physical products, but he is quite active. He already released seven solo albums, two singles and an EP. Up till now all of that was only available digitally through the internet. If you search for Claudio Delgift on YouTube, there are many covers and other clips produced by the man. Rock Company persuaded Delgift to make a collection of twelve tracks out of his discography. These twelve tracks have been remastered for your listening pleasure. The result is his first physical album, entitled The Essential. This is not a real hard rocking album, Delgift is producing prog like music. With the exception of one song, everything has been written by the man himself. The musicianship of the man is unquestioned. The decision to also sing on the songs is questionable. The vocal delivery is somewhat unbalanced and not always in key to my ears. In a song like To Think, To Say, To Do, there are some passages that show this unfortunately. The songs are not bad, but there is not that much variation as you might expect from a musician that produces prog rock. Maybe, there will be some prog lovers who can appreciate this release as a first introduction to the musical world of Claudio Delgift.

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