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Voodoo Stan & The Satan Band - The Death And The Departed

Voodoo Stan & The Satan Band - The Death And The Departed

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : The stuff I normally review is quite straightforward and easy to label in general. Once in a while, however, I get something that I cannot label otherwise than, as we call it so beautiful here at Lords of Metal, different metal. And that is also the case with this The Dead And The Departed from the Finnish Voodoo Stan And The Satan Band. What a name!

This is the second long player of the main characters Voodoo Stan (guitar) and Peter Watchout (vocals). I am not familiar with the debut, The Lair Of Dr. Snake (2015), but this second LP has definitely made me curious. As said, this band is not easy to label. On The Dead And The Departed we get a mix of so many different styles that we have something totally peculiar and unique. The music of the gentlemen contains influences from traditional heavy metal, doom, gothic, prog and melodic (progressive) death and black metal! I hear influences from King Diamond and Mercyful Fate in the riffs (but more in the street Ghost, only better), My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Akercoke, Opeth and here and there even The Sisters Of Mercy, but also countless other bands. The gentlemen, however, come up with a total approach of their own and don not allow themselves to be compared directly with others. Well, I do not always see that as something positive, but in this case that works in the bands favor.

To be honest, I could not do much with this album during the first few listens. After several, and especially more attentive spins, the album started to reveal itself more and more and I started to see the genius and the clever way in which everything comes together. The gentlemen themselves call it pirate metal and swamp metal, and although I cannot do shit with these terms, they do reflect the atmosphere of the music pretty well. The songs deal with issues such as piracy, voodoo and other horror scenarios and the album has a spooky and dark atmosphere, which, after a few spins, appeals to me well. Peter Watchout also has a heavy and clear voice that fits more with gothic, doom and new wave, and although he is not the best singer in the world, his voice and style have a certain charm and charisma that fits the music perfectly and sees for even more distinction. All in all The Dead And The Departed is a complex and difficult to digest album, but definitely an original, challenging (though I hate that word) and a very interesting one as well.

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