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Diabolical - Eclipse

Diabolical - Eclipse

Label : Indie Recordings | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Diabolical is typically a band that gets better with every album. The band from Stockholm has released four studio albums in a time span of over twenty years and every time they succeed to rise above themselves. Whereas their earlier albums Synergy (2001) and A Thousand Deaths (2002) contained blackened thrash metal the band moved towards a more melodic death metal sound on The Gallery of Bleeding Art in 2008. The highlight of Diabolicals career thus far was the concept album Neogenesis from 2013 that came together with a novel written by guitarist Carl Stjarnlov, where every chapter dealt with a song on the album. Diabolicals music once again evolved on this album to a bombastic and blackened death metal sound with a symphonic touch. Neogenesis proved only to be a glimpse of what could be expected from these Swedes in the future. The four track EP Umbra from 2016 kept the interest around Diabolical warm while they were working on their biggest effort to date.

In February Diabolical return with their fifth studio album Eclipse that will put all their earlier releases in its shade. With an even bigger production, Eclipse is even more bombastic and more symphonic, but by no means less Diabolical. The four gentlemen around bandfounder Sverker Widda Widgren pulled out all the stops to give Eclipse a prominent place in the history of the band and of Swedish metal in general. The nine tracks on their newest effort are filled with strong riffs, melodic guitar parts, pounding double bass attacks, catchy refrains, symphonic keyboard passages, brutal death metal grunts mixed with clean singing parts, female vocals and even supported by a live choir of twenty singers. Midpaced atmospheric parts are combined with brutal blackened death metal arrangements keeping the album interesting all the way through. Just like its predecessor, Eclipse is a concept album reflecting the dark side of humanity, that forces the listener to explore his own diabolical side. The diabolical compositions on Eclipse sound very convincing and I believe Diabolical have the album in their hand to elevate the band to greater heights.

The production of Eclipse was in hands of singer Sverker Widgren, who used his own Wing Studio in Stockholm to record, mix and master the album and like I said before the production of the album truly sounds great! If you are not familiar with Diabolical yet, but you count blackened death metal bands like Sceptic Flesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse of Behemoth as your favorites, then Diabolical will most likely appeal to you as well. The band will embark on a European tour with Sceptic Flesh and Krisiun in March and April, so make sure you don not miss them when they are in town!

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