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Dave Groewer Rebirth - Dark Island

Dave Groewer Rebirth - Dark Island

Label : STF Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Dark Island is the instrumental story of an adventure on an unknown, mysterious island. Past and future meet in the present and create chaos. Through the twelve songs, it is up to the listener to address his own imagination and in this way search for the story. The musical setting is a mix of instrumental heavy rock and metal. This expertly executed and provided with a great sound. Dave Groewer plays drums and on guitar and bass we find Jan Ackermann. This Jan (not to be confused with Akkerman!) is a gifted guitarist without losing himself in too many notes per minute. This means that the album remains accessible, despite being completely instrumental. The same goes for Dave his drum playing. In service of the songs and not exaggerated. It is therefore a very solid instrumental release.

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